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The Rancho Folclórico do Porto was founded in 24th June 1982, with the purpose of to assemble, to preserve and to diffuse the old traditions of Oporto, connected with the popular culture. That's why it took the lemma "Always Loyal" to the customs of the People.

Its presentation to the city had been done at 24th June 1984, at Casa do Infante.

Its repertory is based on dances and songs gathered by César das Neves, in his book "Cancioneiro de Músicas Populares" published at 1895. From the book of Alberto de Sousa "O Traje Popular em Portugal, século XIX" it had constituted anew the typical dresses of the epoch at Oporto.

The Group is composed by more than fifty elements, divided by fourteen pairs of dancers, singers and musicians playing concertina, dram, triangle, cavaquinho, guitar and violin. At this team, with different occupations, an half has high school formation: degree of licentiate and bachelor.

Its work had been shown all over Portugal, including the Atlantic islands of Madeira and Azores, and at several European, African and American countries along tournées. It had been present to broadcast in television of Germany, Austria, Scotland, France, Galicia, Egypt, Brasil and Portugal. The portuguese television RTP is the producer of a movie - Malhão, Triste Malhão - based on its dances and songs, where the group itself had participated too

To be known all over the world the music and songs are recorded in two LP, two Single, two Cassettes and five CD. Some where supported by the City Hall and Oporto Governor. Beside this supports, the Group is also subsided by INATEL and council of Bonfim.

Beside the folkloric activity, it develops others cultural areas such as Pop Music Band, choral group, University students songs group, theatre and varieties.



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